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Viktor Jansa

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Viktor Jansa works in the LBI ArchPro programme line Archaeological Geophysical Prospection and is the field director for the Ground Penetrating Radar measurements in the Roman Town of Carnuntum. He studied Pre- and Early History at the University of Vienna. In his „former“ life he was a building engineer and the responsible project manager for the completion of a considerable number of buildings. Due to his qualification and his professional practice he has advanced skills in engineering and project management. Beyond that he is an experienced diver and underwater photographer for nearly 20 years, what led to his special interest in underwater archaeology. Over the course of his diploma thesis he developed a workflow for the application of structure from motion on the monitoring of underwater archaeological sites in fresh water (both fieldwork/data aquisition and data processing) by the example of the UNESCO-world heritage „Pile Dwellings around the Alps“. For this project he used exclusively free linux-based software. In the context of his dissertation he works about the combined application of different methods for large-scale and high resolution underwater archaeological prospection.


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