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Data Interpretation

The interpretation workflow developed by ZAMG Archeo Prospections® and Wolfgang Neubauer over the past decades has been evaluated. Test interpretations by all respective team members to check repeatability have been carried out and were discussed during an internal workshop.

A comprehensive GIS-based interpretation workflow for the future interpretation of all case study data is being developed. This workflow is based on the ESRI Geodatabase® format (geoDB). The development of the workflow and the respective documentation is conducted using the software packages SmartDraw and Geodatabase Diagrammer. These two software products provide the perfect environment for the definition of requirements, specification and implementation of GeoDB templates to be interfaced as XML documents directly to ESRI ArcMap®. The initial geoDB design is currently being reviewed and enhanced through practical application of the geoDB within the case studies Stonehenge, Vestfold, Birka-Hovgården, Uppåkra and Carnuntum.