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Pressconference - Carnuntum Gladiator School/Lower Austria

Press Conference for the sensational discovery of the Gladiator School in Carnuntum  05. September. 2011


At Roman Carnuntum, one of the largest preserved archaeological landscapes of its type in Europe, the team used a novel motorized multi-antenna ground penetrating radar to explore interesting features identified on aerial photographs. Following survey of this area archaeologists were astounded when the new sensors revealed an extensive building complex interpreted as a school for gladiators (latin - ludus). The exceptional building, identified through this rapid survey as the school for gladiators, is almost unique in the Roman Empire for its size and completeness.

At the press conference in Carnuntum on the 5th of September 2011 the LBI ArchPro and it's partners as well as Dr. Humer (Archäologie Park Carnuntum) and Dr. Pröll (head of the Lower Austrian Governement) proudly presented the sensational discovery of the gladiator school in Carnuntum.

© Geert Verhoeven - LBI ArchPro

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