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External workshops

  •  In 2011 a workshop ‘Airborne Remote Sensing: State-of-Art’ was organized, with the goal to demonstrate the state-of-art in airborne remote sensing, to share information and knowledge with the partners and to discuss future applications and cooperation. All partners of the LBI ArchPro were invited to the workshop, which was held on March 17th-20th 2011 in the case study area St. Anna near Vienna. A large number of partners (NoeL, NIKU, UV, TU Vienna, UFG, VIAS and ZAMG) followed the invitation and contributed to a successful workshop.


  • In 2011 the first trans-disciplinary workshop on Agents in Archaeology (Vienna, March 3rd-4th 2011) was organized in cooperation with the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, TU Vienna, LBI ArchPro, and Uni Vienna.