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Ground Penetrating Radar

In close collaboration with GPR equipment manufacturers MALÅ Geoscience two different novel multichannel GPR systems (MIRA I and MIRA II) have been evaluated, motorized, adapted and optimized for their use for efficient large-scale prospection. Very dense GPR data acquisition with 4×8 cm, 4×10 cm has become possible at unprecedented daily coverage rates of up to five hectares. The MIRA II system was equipped with novel ruggedized hardware components for more convenient data logging. The complete new system was successfully put into operation at Carnuntum, were first test surveys demonstrated a substantially increased degree of efficiency (five hectares coverage in six hours of operation at 8×12.5 cm trace spacing).

Hydraulically mounted frames were developed for the MIRA GPR arrays, leading to greater efficiency by permitting the continuous survey in large loops, similar to the magnetic data collection strategy.  These cutting-edge GPR systems were thoroughly tested and continuously improved in the framework of the large-scale case studies.


Two special GPR antenna array carts for the SPIDAR system were designed, built, thoroughly tested in the case studies Stonehenge, Birka-Hovgården and Vestfold, and subsequently improved. In 2013 first test surveys using a SPIDAR system modified for use on snow  (pulled by a snow scooter) were conducted with great success in terms of survey efficiency and archaeological discoveries made.