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Immo Trinks

Immo obtained a PhD in exploration geophysics from Cambridge University in 2004 and has within the past 17 years worked with and for several internationally outstanding archaeological prospection teams (BLfD, Kiel University, ZAMG). He has considerable experience in high-resolution nearsurface geophysical prospection, the latest technological developments, geophysical data processing and interpretation, advanced processing of laser scanner data, 3D data visualization, and scientific programming. Immo is familiar with both academic research projects and commercial applications (involving marketing and project management) at an international level. Since March 2005 Immo has been in the setup and operation of a new geophysical archaeological prospection unit at the Department for Archaeological Excavations at the Swedish National Heritage Board. Since April 2010 he has been employed at the LBI ArchPro, focusing as a key researcher on Archaeological Geophysical Prospection.