Evaluation 2016

Evaluation 2016

In November 2016 the LBI ArchPro underwent another regular evaluation as determined by the statutes of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft. An international team of experts was invited in order to obtain a basis for the decision whether the LBI should enter a continuation phase (up to a maximum of seven years) in April 2017.

The scientific panel comprised

  • Dr. David Griffiths, Oxford University (UK)
  • Dr. Michael L. Hargrave, US Army Corps of Engineers (USA)
  • Prof. Franco Niccolucci, University of Florence (IT)
  • Bettina Zirpel, DFG (DE) – reporter

In their evaluation report the review panel concluded:

“Overall, LBI-ArchPro has been exceptionally productive and has developed very well during the last seven years. Consequently, the funding model for the LBI-ArchPro by LBG should be continued for the requested 7 year period.”

The report also provided valuable input and recommendations concerning both the scientific and the structural orientation.

Based on the assessment of the evaluators, the board of the LBG decided to prolong its financial and strategic support for the LBI ArchPro.