• Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences

In cooperation with

  • the International Society for Archaeological Prospection
  • the Aerial Archaeology Research Group – AARG
  • the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics – Archeo Prospections®
  • the Federal Province of Lower Austria
  • the International Scientific Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage – CIPA

Scientific Committee

Asandulesei Andrei, Baldwin Eamonn, Beck Anthony, Braasch Otto, Briese Christian, Campana Stefano, Cheetham Paul, Conyers Lawrence, Dabas Michel, Doneus Michael, Faßbinder Jörg, Fera Martin, Fry Robert, Herbich Thomasz, Horne Pete, Jordan David, Korobov Dmitry, Kucera Matthias, Linford Paul, Linford Neil, Löcker Klaus, Meyer Cornelius, Neubauer Wolfgang, Pfeifer Norbert, Piro Salvatore, Pregesbauer Michael, Risbøl Ole, Roseveare Martin, Salisbury Roderick, Schmidt Armin, Trinks Immo, Tsokas Gregory, Van Meirvenne Marc, Verhoeven Geert, Zotti Georg

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