ArcTron 3D

ArcTron 3D

ArcTron 3D is a leading engineering company which offers coordinated “3D process chains” especially for cultural, archaeological and historical projects.

Founded over 25 years ago by the archaeologist and 3D specialist Martin Schaich, ArcTron is a group of companies offering flying, terrestrial and high-resolution 3D scans for capturing landscapes, archaeological and historical excavation sites, as well as for 3D documentation of statues and small objects such as coins. For best practice results, they combine state-of-the-art surveying sensor technologies (in particular laser scanners, structured light scanners, photogrammetry, GPS, Total Station) and use various often combined airborne (with microlight aircraft and drones) and terrestrial documentation methods which best suit the individual project requirements. This guarantees best practice and cost efficiency for the documentation of high value cultural assets, historical buildings, museum objects or archaeological finds.

In the field of archaeological software development, ArcTron is also specialized in the development of archaeological excavation documentation systems (ArchaeoCAD, tGIS) and database-supported 3D information systems for Cultural Heritage (aspect3D, SFM photogrammetry) – often as partner in corresponding research projects.

The globally active company employs a team of more than 20 experts consisting of engineers, technicians, 3D media designers, programmers, IT experts, archaeologists, historians, building researchers and model building experts. While one part of the team processes the 3D data to generate high-resolution 3D models, others efficiently adapt these 3D models to create museum and movie visualizations, or to program applications with augmented and virtual reality, generate 3D reconstructions and other multimedia 3D content. Another team is dedicated to the production of 3D prints and replicas in various materials using additive manufacturing technologies.

ArcTron’s long-standing customers include government agencies, universities, architects, industrial companies, museums and other businesses. For more information, visit the company’s website at or take a look at many short project videos at!

As a partner of the LBI ArchPro ArcTron is looking forward to developing its professional competence and passion with like-minded partners!