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"Lost City of Gladiators – Carnuntum" premiered on Austrian TV in December 2015

The documentary “Stadt der Gladiatoren /Lost City of Gladiators – Carnuntum” premiered on December 22nd 2015 on Austrian TV (ORF2). Drawing from diverse scientific evidence - including the expertise of the LBI ArchPro - the “Universum History” episode tells about the life and death of gladiators in Carnuntum and the importance of this ancient metropolis on the border of the Roman Empire.

The LBI ArchPro plays a significant role in the Interspot Film production: the institute’s large-scale geophysical prospection project ArchPro Carnuntum has produced a three-dimensional map of the buried Roman town and has led to the discovery of the Carnuntum school of gladiators; these results will be featured in the documentary. Our partner 7reasons has contributed some amazing virtual reconstructions to the production. 

A French and English version of the documentary is set to air in France and Northamerica in 2016.

Link to the ArchPro Carnuntum website:

The documentary is a co-production of Interspot Film, Smithsonian, ORF, France 5, SBS and BMBF, and is funded by the Fernsehfonds Austria and the Filmförderung Niederösterreich.
(images ®Interspot Film, 7reasons)