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Martin Fera

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Martin Fera is a prehistoric archaeologist by training. The focus of his education at the Institute for Pre-history and Early Medieval History at the University of Vienna was on the archaeology of prehistoric and historic landscapes with the help of various archaeological prospection techniques. One of his interests is the spatiotemporal analysis of archaeological data with the help of GIS on different scales.

He gathered extended experience in the documentation of stratigraphic excavations during many interdisciplinary research projects with the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science, where he was engaged as a site director.

His diploma thesis analysed a stratigraphic excavation of a Funnel Beaker site in Lower Austria, which was documented in a GIS-based documentation system.

During his participation in various research projects for the Aerial Archive of the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, with emphasis on large scale remote sensing for past landscapes, he contributed to spatial analyses with the help of aerial archaeology and LIDAR-derived topographic data. Besides that he can refer to experience in geophysical surveying (GPR and CS-magnetometry) and interpretation.

The interest and technical skills in handling these tools (enhanced at an intensive course at the University of Ljubljana in 2005) and his field experience he had gathered in the cooperation with various regional research institutions in different regions all over Austria enable him to contribute to the development of tools for a deeper understanding of human activity and the history of landscapes in all its aspects.