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Ulrike Fornwagner

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Ulrike Fornwagner studied Classical Archaeology and combined studies (Prehistoric and Medieval Archaeology, Ancient History and English and American Studies) at the University of Vienna. During her studies she took part in excavations and extensive surveys in Austria and Greece. From 1992-2001 she participated in geomagnetic and resistivity surveys at Roman sites such as Carnuntum or Flavia Solva and of Neolithic circular ditch systems in Lower Austria. Since 2003 she has been involved in projects on airborne remote sensing at the Department of Prehistoric and Medieval Archaeology and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, where she focussed on aerial archaeological interpretation of different landscapes in Austria. She attended an intensive course on remote sensing for past landscapes (RESPAL, University of Ljubljana) in 2006. Her current research interests focus on the methodological development for integrated archaeological remote sensing.