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Katalin Tolnai

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Katalin Tolnai has received an MA degree at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary in medieval archaeology and also in Inner Asian Studies. Her thesis in medieval archaeology focused on the archaeological aspects of a Late Roman fortification re-used as an early royal castle site in the Middle Ages. After graduating she has been accepted to the MA program in Medieval Studies at Central European University Budapest, Hungary. Her thesis dealt with integration of data stemmed from various prospection methods and archaeological excavation data into one information system. This work was based on her studies in the field of medieval archaeology as well as her postgraduate studies in geoinformatics.

After taking part in various field practices she had the possibility to take part in landscape archaeological projects outside from Hungary. As a team member she participated in a topographical survey on of archaeological sites in Cambodia and in 2011 in Ladakh, India. Since 2009 she works as a GIS expert at the Hungarian National Museum - Centre for National Cultural Heritage, where she coordinates the design and implementation of a complex archaeological GIS database.

Her main interest lies on the integration of the different types of data analyses which can result in the development of new strategies in spatio-temporal modeling. With the help of archeological raw material and chronologically ordered data her research will result in generating a model interpreting time, as a real coordinate.