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Eamonn Baldwin

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Senior Researcher (VISTA), Member of Scientific Board
e.p.baldwin [at]

Eamonn is responsible for the VISTA Centre's Remote Sensing division at the University of Birmingham. He has extensive experience in the archaeological application of geomatics in both research and commercial environments. In particular, he specialises in a range of archaeological survey methods, which include geophysical survey, topographical survey and standing building recording and appraisal, as well as in the integration and management of spatial data in GIS and CAD systems for analytical purposes or heritage management. His research interests lie in the investigation, interpretation and presentation of archaeological landscapes through remote sensing technologies. He is also Member of the Scientific Board and Senior Researcher of the LBI ArchPro. He received MAs in Classical Studies from the University of Dublin in 1998 and in Landscape Archaeology and Geomatics from the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, Birmingham in 2002.