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Christopher Sevara

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Christopher Sevara has been working in contract and research-based archaeology since the mid 1990's, specializing in digital field data collection, data management, the use of GIS, surveying and cartography. Additionally, he has held lectures and courses in digital field data collection and taught at field schools in Sweden and southern Italy. He has worked as a specialist on a number of multinational archaeological projects, helping to design rapid data collection strategies and integrate geospatially-oriented electronic data capture processes into archaeological workflows. He received two Master's degrees from the University of Gothenburg, in Archaeology and Archaeological Computing, where his project topics focused on landscape modeling using satellite stereo pair imagery and the creation of bespoke, context-based systems for digital recording of archaeological information on mobile devices. His current research interests include issues dealing with the creation of GIS-based multitemporal landscape visualizations using hybrid remote sensing data, image-based modeling, development and distribution of interactive archaeological geocontent via custom web and mobile platforms, and designing novel, integrated approaches for historic landscape classification and management. He has participated in numerous projects in the American Southwest, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Sweden, Sudan, and Tunisia.