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Petra Schneidhofer

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Dr. Mag. MSc.
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Petra Schneidhofer studied Pre- and Early History at the University of Vienna and the University of Bradford (UK) and completed her diploma in 2010. In 2011, she received an MSc in Geoarchaeology from the University of Reading (UK).

Also in 2011, she started a part-time PhD as member of the Initiative College for Archaeological Prospection at the University of Vienna focusing on the potential of palaeoenvironmental information contained in large scale, high resolution geophysical prospection data. She finished her thesis in 2017.

Since 2014, Petra worked for the LBI ArchPro as researcher, where she is focusing on geophysical data acquisition and interpretation, 3D visualisation techniques and geoarchaeology.  

Petra’s main research interests centre on the potential of geoarchaeological methods for enhancing the quality of large-scale, high-resolution geophysical prospection and how these methods can be implemented into the prospection work flow. For this purpose, she works on selected case studies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

Since March 2018 she is employed at LBI ArchPro's partner institution Vestfold fylkeskommune - Kulturarv.

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