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Geert Verhoeven

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Prof. Dr.
Senior Researcher
Geert.Verhoeven [at]
+43 (0)699 15206509


Geert Verhoeven (1978) graduated in Archaeology in 2002 and received his PhD degree in 2009 from Ghent University (UGent, Belgium). Afterwards, he worked three years as a part-time professor at the UGent to teach archaeological prospection and archaeological IT.

In June 2010, he moved to Vienna to accommodate his job as a senior researcher in the LBI ArchPro where he has been conducting research in airborne photography and imaging spectroscopy, UAS-based imaging, archaeological image fusion and image-based modelling.

Geert’s main research interests concern remote sensing technology and methodology, aerial and ground-based (scientific) photography, image processing and archaeological computing. Much of his work can be found in various international peer-reviewed papers and book chapters (all to be found online at He is also CIPA expert member and member of AARG, ISAP and SPIE.