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Christian Gugl

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Dr. M.A. MSc (GIS)
Senior Researcher (ÖAW)
christian.gugl [at]

Christian Gugl is specialised on Roman Archaeology. In his diploma thesis he analysed Roman small finds ('fibulae') from Virunum, the capital of the Roman province of Noricum. In 1997, he finished his academic studies with a Doctor degree at Munich University with a work on the Roman town of Teurnia (Carinthia). Recently he received the venia docendi at the Institute of Archaeology of the University Innsbruck where he is engaged as an external lexturer. Since 2002 he is at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, where he fulfills the task of the deputy director of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture.

From 2012 onwards, Christian is involved in the data interpretation of the Carnuntum case study of the LBI ArchPro. In the last years he worked in Carnuntum on the Roman legionary fortress and the civil settlement (canabae legionis). Besides his skills in Roman archaeology he is a GIS professional, having applied GI-techniques in many projects (Roman stone monuments of Carnuntum, aerial- and settlement-archaeology projects in Carnuntum, Virunum/A and in Troesmis/RO).

Christian’s main research interests concern Roman military architecture and the integration of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Roman settlement and landscape archaeology.