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LBI ArchPro presents new technologies in archaeology during the Vienna Research Festival 2015

In September 2015 the LBI ArchPro participated in the Vienna Research Festival (Wiener Forschungsfest 2015) - a public science event that is organised by the The Vienna Business Agency every two years. The goal of the Research Festival is, together with Viennese companies, universities and research facilities, to demonstrate to a wide cross-section of the public what type of research is being conducted in Vienna.

Visitors of the LBI ArchPro’s exhibition got the chance to learn interesting facts about non-invasive archaeological prospection methods and virtual archaeology and to get a hands-on experience of the institute’s work.Focusing on the institute's ongoing project at Roman Carnuntum - one of the largest archaeological prospection surveys ever conducted in Europe - the exhibit featured a GPR depth slice visualisation item made of printed glass plates (showing data of the Carnuntum Ludus) as well as a virtual tour through the reconstructed school of gladiators with an Oculus Rift VR-headset. Both pieces attracted a lot of attention by visitors and proved useful for the explanation and demonstration of the methods.