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Otto Braasch

Born on the 14th of November 1936 in Kutenholz/Germany. In 1956 he earned a licence as glider pilot already. In 1958 he joined Luftwaffe/Germany for officer and jet pilot training and graduated in 1961 from the USAF AWX Jet Fighter Training Perrin AFB TEX, USA. From 1961–1980 he held various posts as pilot, squadron commander, operations officer, and deputy wing commander at fighter units as well as staff tour at Luftwaffe HQ in MOD Bonn/Germany. He left the Luftwaffe to pursue his flying passion with a strong interest in archaeology and history. With the camera Otto Braasch has explored the European heritage from the air for more than 25 years covering everything from the Neolithic to the 20th century. From 1980 onwards his reconnaissance flights, covered areas around the whole of Europe. Between 1980–1989 he undertook permanent air surveys for the Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege and from 1989 until today has been flying for the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg. He has held various lectures at Universities around Europe (University of Innsbruck, FreieUniversität Berlin, Universität Jena, University of Pécs, Hungary, a.o.) He has been indefatigable in his search for new sites across our new and expanded Europe in particular taking the opportunities afforded by the end of the Cold War. Otto Braasch takes the highest quality images. He has over 60 publications to his credit,including articles, reports in annual journals and chapters in books. Otto Braasch has provided photographs for many exhibitions, including theRAPHAEL project in 1996 which was exhibited in Prague and Dresden. He was awarded the European Archaeological Heritage Prize for 2001. He is still conducting a schedule of 800 to 900 hours of aerial photography every year.