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Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz -

Center of Excellence for Prospection and Documentation in Archaeology

The RGZM is a globally operating research institute for archaeology, financed by the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and by the federal government of Germany. The RGZM is interested to function as a founding partner organisation for the LBI in order to establish a permanent co-operation with a well-renown research institution and to establish a permanent connection to the newest developments in this important field. The contribution of the RGZM will firstly be founded on its enormous historic and cultural-science oriented archaeological experience – we are able to provide the necessary human expertise to analyse archaeological data from across Afro-Eurasia and to bring these into an international framework. Secondly, RGZM will establish for the LBI connections between its various partners in Europe and abroad. Thirdly, a small but very successful research group of the RGZM and the University of Applied Sciences around the geodesist Guido Heinz is not only concerned with applications of terrestrial scanners but also with the digital documentation and VR visualisation of small objects like metal containers and objects of adornment. Industrially applied methods are tested and developed further. Especially this field would effectively complement the LBI, in particular programme line 3.

The RGZM will provide specific equipment and expertise for multi-scale 3D laser-scanning, GIS-based landscape archaeology and human resources for historical data interpretation. The partner RGZM plans a focus of research on the interaction of man and environment in rural communities within different ecological settings over several European landscapes. The case studies carried out together with the LBI might form a reasonable impact for further project design. The RGZM, oriented towards historical and cultural sciences, hopes to establish a continuous connection to the LBI for mutual complementation and optimal utilisation of the respective resources and is prepared to engage fully, and not only financially, in the established LBI and in a continuous and sustainable co-operation.