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Carnuntum – Roman urban landscape

The archaeological landscape of Roman Carnuntum is located 45 km east of Vienna and will serve for testing methods of analysis for AHS (WP1.2.4). The landscape of Carnuntum is characterised by the river Danube and its accompanying slightly undulating gravel terraces. The northern border of the ancient city of Carnuntum is defined by a 30-45 m deep cliff towards the river Danube. As the Roman capital of the province Pannonia superior, Carnuntum was an important town during the first four centuries of the first millennium AD.

Gladiator School Carnuntum: Antiquity article stirs worldwide media interest

The publication of the Antiquity journal article “The discovery of the school of gladiators at Carnuntum, Austria” by LBI ArchPro director W. Neubauer et al. in February 2014 has been attracting a lot of media attention to the LBI ArchPro’s research at Carnuntum .

The topic was featured in both print and online press (e.g. National Geographic) as well as Radio and TV stations worldwide. Take a look at the variety of reports in our “media reports” section (