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Hanna Pietsch

Hanna Pietsch is a student of archaeology with perennial work experience in the field of archaeological excavation and post processing of excavation data. She joined the team autumn 2018 after a six-month internship. Within the team she is working on processing and analysing digital documentation data of modern stratigraphic research excavations. In the course of this work she manages communication and filing with the Bundesdenkmalamt. In addition Hanna Pietsch filled the role of technical excavation director of new projects every summer (2018-2020). She also post-processes old analogue excavation data with modern digital methods to prepare them for publication.

Hanna Pietsch harbours great interest in geophysical prospection and archaeological interpretation of geophysical data and she also participates in the execution of high-resolution geophysical prospection surveys at the LBI ArchPro.