The Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) acts as the strategic LBI ArchPro centre. First of all, ZAMG provides newly adapted workplaces, laboratories and workshops for  the LBI ArchPro as well as office infrastructure such as internet access, printers, plotters, copy machine and telefax. In addition, these buildings ensure a close collaboration with the team Archeo Prospections® (established at the Department for Geophysics) and other departments engaged in relevant research on climate modelling, GIS analysis and data modelling.

The Archaeological Centre functions as the second base for LBI ArchPro research. Because this location already hosts the Departments of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology (UHA), Classical Archaeology and Numismatics of the University of Vienna, as well as the interdisciplinary research platform VIAS and the Austrian Archaeological Institute, LBI ArchPro can maintain a close connection with most national institutional bodies engaged in archaeological research. LBI ArchPro is hosted in the 5th floor of this building. The provided premises comprise 4 office rooms with up to 10 workplaces, the aerial archive of the UFG and peripheral equipment such as photogrammetric scanners and plotters. Additionally, laboratories and storage rooms of VIAS in the basement of the building are available for LBI ArchPro-related work.

The LBI ArchPro premises at Langenzersdorf are located on the northern outskirts of Vienna, in easy reach of the main highway providing fast access to case study sites as well as to Vienna airport. The premises at LA comprise an office building, garage, workshop and ample storage area. The garage works as a logistics centre which provides sufficient space for all LBI ArchPro measurement systems, vehicles and equipment. It offers ideal conditions for vehicle and survey instrumentation maintenance, development, adaptation and testing. The premises at LA provide workspace for permanent and temporary staff concerned with the archaeological prospection and survey equipment and data. Furthermore, the site provides space for trainings and lectures and is frequently used for high-intensity team work sessions.

a. The Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG)
b. The Archaeological Centre
c. LBI ArchPro premises at Langenzersdorf