The archaeological interpretation of mass data as collected by the LBI ArchPro is a laborious process.

To support this main task the complex remotely sensed and geophysical datasets should be segmented by respective classification tools. The main objective is to investigate automatic and semi-automatic classification of archaeological features. During the first period of the LBI ArchPro different approaches for the automatic and semi-automatic classification of archaeological data have been tested coming from different data sources (ALS, GPR and magnetic). Pixel based classification methods as well as object oriented classification methods are investigated and tested for their applicability to archaeological feature classification. The results of this work package will be the definition of rules for archaeological prospection data segmentation and classification, providing the basis for a semi-automatic archaeological interpretation within the GIS environment. These rules will be fundamental for the setup of the respective toolset within ‘ArchaeoAnalyst’ for efficient, improved analysis and archaeological interpretation of the large prospection data sets collected over the last years.