Our mission

We are dedicated to the research, development, application and dissemination of efficient methods of non-invasive archaeological prospection, digital documentation and virtual archaeology. Thereby, we strive to contribute to the preservation of endangered cultural heritage for future generations.

The LBI ArchPro is an internationally leading scientific institution for basic and applied research and development currently supported by the LBG and a consortium of ten European institutions and numerous collaborative partners (academic and dedicated research institutes, museums, heritage boards, SMEs and governmental bodies). Our research programm is focussing on high-resolution archaeological prospection methods and technology, innovative digital archaeological documentation techniques and novel concepts of virtual archaeology.

Our multidisciplinary research consortium considers the Valletta convention as an important guideline and impetus for the advancement of future technologies and methods safeguarding and preserving our common cultural heritage. The Valetta Convention as part of the Malta Treaty clearly states that non-destructive archaeological investigation methods should be used wherever possible – a recommendation that in practice still is mostly disregarded.

We are convinced that the large-scale application of non-invasive high-resolution archaeological prospection and digital documentation and the exploration of the resulting big 3D and 4D digital data sets, by means of virtual archaeology, are the most appropriate solutions for future archaeology. The innovative approach of the LBI ArchPro, which integrates the scientific fields of remote sensing, geophysics, geomatics, computer sciences, and archaeological research, provides archaeologists and planning authorities with the spatial information required for the protection and investigation of threatened buried and standing heritage at the appropriate scales.

Our research offers many opportunities to demonstrate its relevance for political and administrative decisions, spatial planning, the construction industry, the creative industries, and private and public research institutions in a comprehensible way. The implementation of standardised techniques and methods developed by the LBI ArchPro generate benefits and added value in cultural heritage management, education and in cultural tourism.

Together with our international partners we strive to generate awareness for the LBI ArchPro approach and to disseminate the research results to the scientific community, stakeholders, and citizens alike. This includes the education and training of the next generation of researchers and heritage managers as well as the development of unconventional ways and concepts for public dissemination.