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Piber – Digitisation of the immaterial and material cultural heritage around the breeding of the Lippizaner
18.02.2021 0.08 mb PDF
Archaeologists discover a massive circle of prehistoric shafts near Stonehenge
22.06.2020 3.19 mb PDF
Georadar detects a Viking ship in Norway
15.10.2018 1.40 mb PDF
Bread and games in ancient Carnuntum
30.03.2017 2.02 mb PDF
Carnuntum – The governor’s guard
30.03.2016 0.93 mb icon / download / light
On the trail of St. Wolfgang – Archaeologists, philologists and medical scientists cooperate for archaeological project
03.07.2014 0.01 mb PDF
The first Romans in Carnuntum
18.06.2014 0.53 mb icon / download / light
School of gladiators discovered at Roman Carnuntum
05.09.2011 0.15 mb icon / download / light
Archaeological prospection project started at Birka to explore the Viking Age site by a virtual dig
18.05.2011 0.12 mb PDF

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