During various internships at the LBI ArchPro, we aim to fully integrate students and young researchers in ongoing research projects and case studies, both on the computer and in the field:

  • Within the FEMtech initiative of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, we repeatedly offer internships for young female scientists in applied research in the field of natural sciences and technology.
  • In summer, we host interships for school students in the framework of the FFG Talents programme. During a 4-week internship, the students get an insight into the work of the LBI ArchPro and gain practical experience in science and technology, which can serve as an impetus for choosing a course of study or a career.
  • Within the EU Erasmus+ programme we support traineeships for international students at our institute.
a. FEMtech interns at the LBI ArchPro
b. Best report award for LBI ArchPro interns in the FFG Talente programme 2015
c. Former LBI ArchPro interns
d. Instruction of a student on the laser scanner during the research excavation at Königsberg