Case Studies

National and international case studies act as major tests for the efficiency and applicability of novel developments of the LBI ArchPro

Together with our partners, we target different archaeological landscapes in various geographical areas, where we apply our theoretical and practical developments in high-resolution archaeological prospection at unprecedented scale and resolution.

Our team investigates the selected areas in close cooperation with the partner organizations using non-invasive remote sensing, geophysical prospection, virtual reality, and dynamic GIS-based archaeological interpretation. The collected data is further used for the continuous development of the relevant data processing software, visualisation techniques and interpretation methods. This complex and integrative approach ensures a close and dynamic alignment of the developed theoretical concepts and technical solutions (hardware and software tools) with the practical needs of modern landscape archaeology at flexible scales.

Through the large-scale case study applications, the LBI ArchPro provides exemplarily scientific access to GIS-based virtual data that is scalable, ranging from individual postholes of buildings to entire archaeological landscapes. The results are of considerable interest both for newly generated archaeological knowledge and discoveries and for raising awareness of state-of-the-art, non-invasive archaeological prospection, which has great potential for rescue archaeology and archaeological research.

Research Programme